Over the last 60 years, Harbin Electric Corporation (HE) created many 'firsts' for New China, such as the first 0.8 MW hydropower unit and the first set of 25 MW thermal power units. It successfully created the Three Gorges 700 MW giant hydropower unit, establishing a strong pattern founded on leading products such as coal power, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, pneumo electric power, wind power and general contract work in power stations. Its annual hydropower output capacity reaches 6,000 MW, accounting for 50% of China's market shares; its annual production capacity of coal power is 30,000 MW, representing more than 1/3 of China's market shares; its annual production capacity of pneumo electric power is 2,000 MW, accounting for more than 45% of China's market shares; and its annual production capacity of nuclear power is 1,000 MW. For these reasons, HE consistently makes the list of the Top 500 Companies in China. In recent years, HE has greatly implemented its development strategy of being 'collectivized, informationized, internationalized, and relatively diversified' and 'advanced in technology, management and talent'. Additionally, HE spared no effort to set up four business areas: 'power generation equipment, drive and control equipment, general and environmentally-friendly equipment, and the modern manufacturing and service industry', developing itself into a flagship of power generation equipment manufacture in the Chinese market.

Harnessing and increasing the supply of power has long been key to the advancement of human society. During the last half century, Harbin Electric Corporation (HE) has been responsible for numerous ¡°firsts¡± in Chinese Power equipment manufacturing. Harbin Electric International Company Limited.(HEI) is an important member of the HE, and is China¡¯s leading large-scale enterprise in power project contracting and the export of power equipment. Established in 1983, HEI is primarily engaged in the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of thermal, hydro and combined-cycle power plants, and the supply of complete sets of equipment; moreover, the company can be contracted to build large-scale transmission facilities and public utilities, and provides professional comprehensive after-sales service.

Outstanding, and with rich experience, HEI¡¯s professional team oversees the integrated construction services of power plants, and its managerial team employs the latest advanced and internationally-recognized software and Project Management Systems (HPE-PMS).As the first domestic power engineering company to pass the ISO9001Quality Management System Certification, HEI once again took the lead in 2009, when they acquired the OHSAS 18001-2007 Occupational Health and Safety System and the GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management System Certifications.

Over the past 30 years, HEI has undertaken contracts to build large-scale power plant turnkey projects and provide complete equipment for power plants in more than 20 countries including Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Iran, India, Indonesia, Ecuador and Turkey. Installing almost 30,000MW in the process and becoming one of the most important contractors in the domestic and global industry, HEI has enjoyed listed status in ENR as one of the world¡¯s top 225 international contractors for many years. The company¡¯s corporate performance continues to set new records both within the HE and among China¡¯s domestic enterprises.

The Guddu power plant project, in Pakistan, realized our goal to push domestic power equipment into the international market.
The Uch power plant project set the precedent as the HE¡¯s first joint construction of a power plant with an internationally renowned engineering company.
The Vietnam Campha 2¡Á300MW power plant project realized the company¡¯s goal of exporting a full set of 300MW power plant unit for the first time.
The Indonesia Paiton 1¡Á660MW coal-fired power plant project represented a historic breakthrough for the HE, exporting a full set of 600MW power plant unit.
The batch export of eight 600MW generation units to India was the company¡¯s largest export of 600MW units, and expanded the HE¡¯s market share in the field
The 3¡Á90MW hydropower project in Ecuador, Minas San Francisco, successfully opened up a brand-new market in South America.
In 2010, the Energy Association of Vietnam awarded HEI the ¡°Outstanding Contribution Award for Vietnam¡¯s Power Development¡±, making HEI the first Chinese power plant construction company to receive this award.

Reflecting on the past few years and looking forward to future, opportunities and challenges, the company will continue to adhere to its polices of scientific orientation and innovation, institutional and managerial progress, and commitment to service. We look forward to joint development and mutual benefit with all parties at home and aboard working cooperatively to create a better future!

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